Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard

March 26, 2022

Nastya Sulymenko, who had fled from Ukraine, and Richard Rhemrev, the pianist in the sixties band Ruych performing that evening in Podium Doesburg Gasthuiskerk (for a Ukraine benefit concert in Doesburg), rehearsed less than 3 minutes before their first performance that evening. They couldn’t have imagined that this would result in studio recordings (about four months after March 26) followed by the release of a CD.

Nastya at that time did not yet had the financial means for this and professional as she is, she wanted to contribute equally. A subsidy application at a large fund in Doesburg (Gestichten Doesburg) and crowdfunding made it all possible. And a graphic designer and photographer selflessly made the CD cover.

It's unique that it happened, they didn't know each other until March 26, Richard didn't know the Ukrainian songs (and language) Nastya sings, but there was simply chemistry between two musicians. Own arrangements followed quickly and resulted in a beautiful CD. Rehearsing was and is still always a gift.
Fled but undefeated, that is what characterizes this extraordinary singer, Nastya brings light in dark times for her country and joy with the Ukrainian people in The Netherlands. And the start of a new career for former military and IT Director Richard.

The first rehearsal!

                                    March 26, 2022, we needed less than three minutes to rehearse The Red Flower, a magical moment! And we  played this song that evening to an audience of 120 people!