Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard


In July 2022 we recorded our first CD, called 'HOPE'

This CD was recorded after a very short period of intensive rehearsing, about 80 hours, without a moment when we thought it was too much. Recording within three hours was the next challenge and we managed it, much to the surprise of the studio engineers.

Our first CD "HOPE"

Our songs are all Ukrainian, all arrangements were made by us and the songs are not a copy of any performer. We are the musicians, it comes from our heart.
Vocals Nastya Sulymenko
Piano Richard Rhemrev

Recorded July 6th in Studio A60 | Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick te Dorsthorst | Production Richard Rhemrev | Visual design and artwork Han Jansen | PhotograPhy Peter Bakker ◆ All rights of the producer and the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording strictly prohibited.


The songs