Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard


Boudewijn de Groot, in the Netherlands a well known singer-songwriter, wrote about the CD HOPE:
Beautiful, sensitive singer with her own voice. She knows what she is singing and tells her story, so not just any song.
The piano playing surprised me. Really well playing as an accompanist. No frills, which I always find so irritating when conservatory pianists accompany vocals. Simply modest, adequate and at the service of the voice. Nice.

About the CD FAITH Boudewijn wrote, it has become a portrait of her! It opens already with the most beautiful song, that ballad. I hope it helps a little for Ukraine too. His advice to sometimes use the Fender Rhodes sound as well (a softer instrument than a grand piano) we have adopted!

Ceciel, one of the buyers of the CD: "I bought the CD because I think it's a sympathetic project, nothing more. Put it in the CD player and went to the kitchen. I heard the music at some distance and immediately went back, wow, what beautiful music this is". She immediately bought a CD for her sister, this should also be heard, she said!

Roeland, one of the buyers of our second album has formulated is as follows: Succeeded!