Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard

Who we are

Nastya Sulymenko was born in the Kyiv region in 2001 in the small town of Vasylkiv, Ukraine. She was interested in music from childhood.  She graduated from a music school at the age of 14 and entered a music and pedagogical college.  Four years later, she entered the University of Culture, but a year later Nastya realized that she needed to continue her education in the field of pedagogy and changed her study.  She graduated in 2023 (online) as Bachelor of Pedagogy, Management and Music. She works in The Netherlands in different jobs. And creates great music with Richard.

Richard Rhemrev was born in Eindhoven in 1954 , The Netherlands. At the age of 6 started musical lessons for piano and after 8 years changed to boogiewoogie, blues and started playing the guitar, mainly accompanying on 12 string guitars. School bands formed part of the further musical experiences. Joined the military at the age of 20, stopped making music for some time but picked up playing the piano again. Next to his career as a military officer (active reserve) and director IT at several Dutch universities, he took up classical lessons again for more than 25 years, and also jazz lessons . In 2010 Richard joined the Sixties band Ruych and various jazz combos at the piano and organ. He also played as a pianist in a jazz band and in the  rhythm section at many open music venues. Since March 2022 Richard is Nastya's pianist in this extraordinary Ukrainian-Dutch duo.