Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard

Coming up in 2024!

February 23 Omroep Gelderland, "De Week Van Gelderland", confirmed

February 25 Tribute concert for Ukraine, Julianakerk, Deventerstraat 91, Apeldoorn

February 28 Cultural education programme Doesburg for the primary schoolAnne Frank in Doesburg

February 29 Cultural education programme Doesburg for the primary school De Ooi in Doesburg (at Podium Doesburg)

March 1 Cultural education programme Doesburg for the primary school De Wetelaar in Doesburg

March 5 Day of the location managers Ministry of Justice and Security in Amersfoort

March 17 Special concert together with the Ruysdael Quartet at a location for Ukrainians in Doesburg, to be confirmed

April 26 Municipality Doesburg at Podium Doesburg Gasthuiskerk

May 4 Commemoration Doesburg orgnaised by the 4/5 Mei Comité

July 12, 13, 14 (to be announced) Verrassend Doesburg

September 15 Music festival in Laag-Soeren

Looking back

CD Release on February 2, 2024

In a very special 2023 in which we were able to perform a lot, we were also able to record our second CD, titled 'FAITH'. The release of our second CD was extraordinary, 90+ people came to Podium Doesburg Gasthuiskerk, such a great atmosphere too and many CD's sold. Interested in the CD, just send me a message.

Blinker Café Kortenhoef, January 24, 2024

A special evening, bit more outside Gelderland. Asked to perform twice during an evening where a host engaged in conversations with some special guests. Fine reception by the organization and what a nice audience. After the performances and conversations a "meet and greet" with the visitors. And interested in both our CDs, which we were happy to sell. A further location also means longer travel, so well after midnight we were back home.

January 8, 2024

At the invitation of the Doesburg municipality, we played at the Gasthuiskerk in Doesburg just after the start of the New Year's reception. Nastya was dressed (first time!) in a traditional Ukrainian dress, beautiful. We were supported by our sound man Lex and it ran like clockwork. Great to be back on stage after a four-week break.  

December 7, two concerts on 1 day!

A nice party for all the volunteers and staff who work for newcomers in the Municipality of Arnhem. Nastya and I provided the musical accompaniment. More than 200 visitors, who were as quiet as a mouse during our performance. Nastya once again sang the proverbial stars from heaven, always a privilege for me to accompany her. Then on to Elst, where we had our 2nd performance that evening.
We played at the 'Geef Licht' event in the Grote Kerk in Elst. Around 200 visitors, including many refugees, enjoyed the performances of 4 different music ensembles. Including us and the Syrian Music Friends Collective. The special music both about recent events in Ukraine and the rousing music from Syria touched the listeners' hearts, as we heard afterwards. The request from the Syrian friends collective to dance together in the church was enthusiastically taken up. Of course, the PG-Elst Houseband was not missing (with whom we jointly played "Give light" by Stef Blok at the end). Astrid Kepers on flute and Henk Kiestra on the organ nicely complemented this event.

Doesburg Jazz

November 5, at Doesburg Jazz, we played for over an hour, together with Jos Gelauf on drums and Michiel Pelgrom on bass. What a wonderful concert it turned out to be. The Filmzaal in the Arsenaal was fuller than full, every square metre occupied and a wildly enthusiastic audience. A standing ovation gave lots of emotional feelings.

Wounded warriors.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, we performed in Doorn for, among others, a number of wounded Ukrainian servicemen. The concert was facilitated by the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Dutch Veterans Institute.
The Ukrainian servicemen present are being treated in the Netherlands at the Military Rehabilitation Center. All songs played were Ukrainian and were immediately recognized by the listeners. This made for a special performance and thus some light in dark times.
It was also a special event for the musical duo themselves. It was the first time Nastya was able to meet military personnel from her homeland who were severely wounded in the war. For Richard, Dutch military veteran, it was a moment to thank these soldiers for their service and to give them the best wishes.

September 16 part 2 of the recordings 

For Nastya and me the conclusion of the recordings of the second album. Recorded four songs together with Jos on drums and Michiel on bass guitar. And Nastya playing in a simulation vibraphone for the song 'I think of you'. I started with the Nord for the e-piano for 'My own mother', then played the other songs on the grand piano. A great day, also strenuous and very tiring. We were very satisfied with our playing after the recordings. John, our recording engineer, helped us super, what a skill and above all very patient, all the space to get the best out of it. And Nastya's sister Anya who - as always - listened in critically and gave good tips. Now we have the preliminary final mix of the first recordings and this second part. Then the CD production can begin. What a great musical adventure, it has already lasted a year and a half! 

Great performance at Lathum 

On 10 September 10, we opened the Friends of the Lathum Church season. A performance where bassist Michiel and drummer Tom accompanied us on a number of songs. We played the stars from the imaginary sky. Everything was right, the songs flowed together beautifully and yet all the space to explain them too, after all, not everyone speaks Ukrainian so well anymore 😁 And the 2nd time I sang a chorus, the same line in four different keys (D, Bm, F#m, A), quite scary.... Luckily, I have Nastya as a vocal pedagogue!
Two sets of about 35-40 minutes, break in between, was necessary too 🫗🧊. Fantastic reception by the board of "The Friends of" and many of their volunteers, it was all good. Super audience, also from Ukraine, great. After the encore a standing ovation 😃, we were all surprised and especially touched by it.

Again on Omroep Gelderland

'Omroep Gelderland' was aware of our playing at the location De Roskam in Rheden, together with the Ruysdael quartet. So invited June 2 to share our impression and able to play 'My own mother', live.

Supporting the opening of the new location for Ukrainian people in Arnhem Zuid

We were asked by the municipality of Arnhem to musically support the opening of a new location for Ukrainian refugees. Apart from the Mayor of Arnhem, the Minister of Housing Hugo de Jonge was also present. Played two sets, was great and the audience very engaged.

Supporting a session of "Vluchtelingenwerk" in Hummelo May 10

Invited by the local organisation of "Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland" we played some of our music in a small but nice church in Hummelo, Gelderland. We shared the musical moments with a large group of Syrian musicians. Great musicians too, and the audience appreciated both kind of music. Important, we decided not to ask for any fee, but suggested to collect for "Vluchtelingenwerk". That was a good idea, they collected about €200. And we were able to sell our CD ☺️ 

An extraordinary May 4 at Giesbeek

The musical journey continues!
A memorable Remembrance Day May 4 in the Martinus Church in Giesbeek NL. Nastya and I did an important part of the music. Unique too, we played in the church and then at the memorial at the cemetery. We played our music with passion. Nastya stole the hearts of the audience and it is a privilege to be her pianist. Every minute we play together, wherever, rehearsing at home, or performing somewhere, it's pure joy.

Regimental Dinner at the Estate Bronbeek on March 9

The musical journey continues!
Invited by the Association of officers of the Regiment van Heutsz we played on March 9 at the annual regimental dinner at the beautiful Bronbeek estate. A great opportunity to perform for Dutch soldiers, especially because Dutch military supports the training of Ukrainian military and Richard is still directly involved as a former officer of this regiment. We got the dining hall completely silent, Nastya sings from her heart and Richard feels her emotion while playing, just like the people in the room. Countless compliments, and CDs sold again. Wonderful evening.

Back on stage in 2023

Back on stage again, in Podium Doesburg. We played January 2 at the local Rotary's New Year's Eve party. Very important to us, the last two months were full of all kinds of other important things, luckily we were able to rehearse every now and then. This evening we  played two sets of four songs, and the response was overwhelming. Many, many compliments, even though we all were a bit shocked by a radio frequency interference caused by a visitor's hearing aid. Nastya sang the stars from heaven (we stood in the glass foyer 😄) and Richard was able to sing with the keys. We are both so good at it, playing with our hearts, with the use of our voice and fingers. Many CDs also sold, in short, we were very satisfied.