Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard

The songs of our second CD "FAITH" explained

My own mother
Is about a lyrical hero, where a mother gives him an embroidered cloth as a symbol of life's journey. The cloth is also the tangible evidence of the mother's purity and love. The hero in the poem remembers his mother and childhood with great warmth. But also the departure from the parental home, the mother's fear of her child's fate. Especially as fathers and mothers see their children leaving for the front.

This song will be between us
A song where the title actually says it all, it is a sung ode to the love between two people of which this great feeling should remain between them

Near the heart
Written during the war, when many men go to the front and their wives are left at home, and as in earlier times people wore pictures in photo pendants, the author holds a picture of her lover close to her heart.

You for myself
A song about love from a distance. No matter how many roads and paths there are between two lovers, at the end of it, souls in love will meet.

This song is about when you worry about your loved ones and want them to continue living happily. Unfortunately, like the song "I have no home", this song took on a different meaning after 06/06/2023. On this day, the Kakhovka hydropower plant was blown up, many lives were taken by the water.

Time flows like a river
Two people who cannot be together now continue to love each other; like the water in the river, their love continues, in time and feeling.

I think of you
A mysterious song about a good friendship between two people. Or maybe it's more than just friendship...?

To daughter
Six-year-old Zoreslava asked her father, who is at the front, what she should write to him in her letters. He answered his daughter by saying "Just don't write to me about the war...". Within days, the song became popular in Ukraine, symbolising the separation of the family, full of hope for an approaching togetherness.

Traces of small hands
It's a small story about a girl and about a special and at the same time deep love that makes people run blindly in an unknown direction and fall in love without fear.